Chilled Logistics and Frozen Haulage

When it comes to chilled logistics and frozen haulage, reliability should always be your number one concern. At Dennis Distribution, we are both BRC and DTAS certified, which means we’re experts in food hygiene and chilled transport practices. No matter how far your products need to go, our specialist fleet will maintain perishable products at their optimum temperature, from -30°C or +30°C.

Through three generations of chilled distribution, we have been able to transport a wide range of food products and liquids, including raw meats, vegetables and dairy products. This comes from continued investment in specialist equipment and dedication to customer service.

Chilled and frozen distribution

From raw ingredients through to finished products, our fleet solutions will ensure your goods arrive on time with zero wastage. This comes down to decades of experience and a custom-made fleet, ready to transport even the most unusual products.

Every single trailer comes with its own live tracking temperature software. This means we’re able to offer you full visibility of your haulage from start to finish. Goods will arrive at their final destination ready for market whether they’re chilled or frozen meats, or dry products with a longer shelf life.

Looking for a reliable refrigerated distribution partner?

Our fleet

Got a full load to shift? Not a problem. We offer both single and multi-drop services, with loads for up to 26 pallets. Even if you need to transport your chilled goods across the UK and Europe, we’re here to help with our Europe-wide distribution team.

Each specialist trailer has been developed with specific products in mind, for example, food grade tankers for bulk liquid foodstuffs   Whatever you’re transporting, you can count on our expertise and experience.  . Every vehicle also comes with dashboard cameras for extra peace of mind.

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